The Perl SSLeay Problem SOLVED Once and For All

Let me spell out the problem real quick. So your on your Linux box and you’ve been coding for years in Perl and now you need to interact with some obscure piece of software that wants to download and build something called SSLeay. You’re using your trusty little CPAN interface to install additional add-ons and programs and other Perl goodies to install your programs and as part of that, it comes to the point where it wants to build something called SSLeay and it keeps failing.

You’re a tried and true Linux command line warrior so you figure you can fix this in seconds with a little Google searching. So you start searching for the issue and look at that, your in luck, it seems lots of other people have had the same issue. It seems like it’s probably a version issue or some other easily fixable thing but as you try all the methods that people have listed to fix the problem, none of them seem to work.

So you spend a few days reading more and more articles on the internet about this issue, do the little tweaks and changes people suggest, and after a while you become so frustrated because even though this problem is well known, and plenty of people have posted solutions, none of them are working for you.

It’s like your the only person in the world to have some unique kind of setup and no matter what you try you cannot get Perl build tools to build the SSLeay package. Okay, enough diatribe.

  • sudo apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl libcrypt-ssleay-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl

First, install those packages ^^. Now go back into your Perl CPAN subsystem. Now go ahead and rebuild your Perl package or just the SSLeay portion. HOLY SHIT! Everything works now!

Now I could go into 5000 reasons why shit didn’t work and explain in glorious detail why doing the above 3 lines automagically fixes your Perl SSLeay issue. Part of it’s is incomplete build setup for Perl. Part of it is missing critical header files. Part of is inconsistent file and directory structures across the various deviants of Linux. But no worries now.  😉

Thank You!

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